Thera care Nottingham 18
Brighton training 2018

Epilepsy (repetitive unprovoked seizures) is often complex and can affect the person on so many levels. Some people manage their condition with the support of family and friends, and with the addition of alarms that can connect to emergency services. Other people are dependent on full time carers to keep them safe from prolonged seizures that can be dangerous and in some cases fatal. In light of this care need, professional carers should be equipped with a good understanding of epilepsy and a confidence in dealing with emergency seizures.


The main objective is to Explain and simplify epilepsy education and ensure that delegates feel comfortable and competent when dealing with every day epilepsy and unpredictable crisis.


“Epilepsy Explained” was developed by Sally-Ann Remnant who has a wealth of training and nursing expertise in epilepsy. She is also extremely proud to have completed her medically based Masters degree in epileptology, receiving a distinction and awards for her research.


Following a high demand for education in epilepsy care she felt it was time to offer training services to those who may benefit from expertise in the medical and social management of this condition.