About epilepsy....

  • Epilepsy is the most serious neurological condition and can affect anyone at any age. The most prevalent time of onset is over 65 years old and under 21.

  • Epilepsy has predominently a genetic cause or it can be secondary to brain trauma or conditions including infections, metabolic problems, stroke or severe learning disabilities.

  • Seizures are a sign that there is a problem with the brain cells at a particular time. They are classified depending on where the abnormal neuronal activity comes from, they can be Focal (a part of the brain ) or Generalised (both hemispheres).

  • It is important to be seen by an Epilepsy specialist for the diagnosis, and onward  support  from the nurse specialist, GP and pharmacist.  A yearly review is recomended.

  • Always go prepared to clinic, with questions and clear descriptions of your seizures, a video will help too.

  • First aid for a convulsive seizure : click here for tutorial video courtesy of Red cross (actors involved in the video only)

  • For printable information sheets about all aspect of epilepsy please click on the charity information resources below.