Epilepsy training for professional carers/nurses.

  • Temporary training (short) video on Emergency medication during Covid 19 only.

  • Live online training to replace face to face during Covid 19.

  • Epilepsy awareness (half day) for those who require an overview of epilepsy and how to support someone with the condition. Adult or paediatrics.

  • Epilepsy and emergency/rescue medications (full day) for those requiring emergency medication training in accordance with the new Epilepsy Nurse Asc (ESNA) guidelines  and NICE/SIGN guidelines.

  • Epilepsy and Learning disability or Mental health, Women and epilepsy, Paediatric epilepsy, Epilepsy and Disassociate events/Psychogenic seizures.

  • Epilepsy and the elderly, for those who care for people with dementia or stroke who have seizures.

  • Epilepsy treatment and management- for nurses/senior carers who need more in-depth knowledge, including VNS and surgical options. We have a Nurse trainer who specialises in VNS and Surgery.

  • Other training specified to your staff needs- such as occupational health, employers (Including “reasonable adjustments advice” for epilepsy) and other health/social care providers.


  • Private counselling for patients with epilepsy.

  • Private review of epilepsy and signposting.

  • Patient assessment and care planning for residential care.

  • Risk assessment and safeguarding consultation advice for care homes, in accordance with C.Q.C.

  • Epilepsy educational films or interviews.